Unique, contemporary, interfaith, intercultural, formal or informal, spiritual, creative, and personalized just for you and your love!

What I do

I perform weddings, commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, betrothal ceremonies and other celebrations in a variety of different locations, including a golf course, the beach, a vineyard, a wine cellar, a chapel, on a labyrinth, backyard gardens, at the Center, in a pasture, at the park and other places in nature. Each ceremony I'm an officiant for is customized and individualized, so each one is unique and special to the couple, created from your sharing with me, the ideas you bring and the desires of your hearts.

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Wedding Celebration Officiant

Who I am

As a trans-denominational, interfaith minister in the Eugene-Springfield area, my experience creating weddings and other celebrations of love with people of Buddhist, Wiccan, Hindu, Jewish, New Thought, Native American and secular traditions has been deeply joyful for me. I love listening to your hearts and dreams and assisting you in weaving together a celebration of who you are and how your relationship has blossomed into intentions for marriage.

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It is my joy and privilege to assist you in creating your own very personal celebration of love, and look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and begin that co-creative process!

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What They're Saying

We had he pleasure of meeting Stäna, our Celebrant at a no pressure sit down, to discuss our wants and needs for our wedding. She fit perfectly,  and was very in tune with what we were looking for. She helped us with our wording, and performed a ceremony that we will never forget! She fit in like family. Not many people come into your life like this, and we are grateful she did.

Thank you so much, we will always cherish our wedding day, and the days to come.

Stäna was just absolutely amazing at our ceremony. We had to throw one together really quick and she was very flexible, and contacted us immediately with such short notice. She was on top on things and was extremely organized about the entire event. Would definitely recommend her for your special day.

We immediately felt comfortable with Stäna and recognized the depth of heart that she invests in her process of planning and leading a ceremony. She took time to get to know us as individuals and understand the things that were important to us, and discuss ways to integrate them in meaningful ways into our wedding ceremony. This process felt like getting to know a friend, and that’s because that’s exactly what was happening. Stäna’s authentic presence, expertise, and big heart helped us create a ceremony that was magical and meaningful beyond words.

“Stäna supported us through every step of the ceremony from writing to rehearsal with lots of examples, creative ideas, and fun! We were so happy with the meaningful ceremony we created together! Many of our guests said that they could see how it was truly a reflection of our relationship.
If you’d like to work with an experienced officiant on a personalized and joyous ceremony, Stäna is the perfect resource.”

“Both of us had a little trepidation about planning a wedding for a “mature” bride and groom. Rev. Stäna made the whole experience so lovely and easy for us. She spent time listening to us and weaving together the feelings and values we share and bring into our marriage. As a late in life, second time around wedding, we expected something dry and ordinary. What we received was the absolute opposite! We are thrilled with the wedding ceremony Rev. Stäna helped us create and the grounding in Love it’s given our union!”


“There were so many wonderful things about our wedding, working with you, and how it turned out! Your willingness to meet several times with us, ask questions about our personal beliefs and feelings, then offer choices and suggestions, made the ceremony so much more than we had ever thought possible. We were prepared to have a “legal” ceremony, and ended up with so much more! It was personal and heartfelt in ways that were important to us. We received so much feedback from our family and friends on how beautiful the ceremony was, and how it was perfect for us. It was beautiful to look at, beautiful to hear, and very personal. We came away with memories that will last us a lifetime. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!”

“Working with Stäna was a real pleasure. She made every effort to get to know us personally and really listen to what we wanted and needed for our ceremony. Stäna played a crucial part in making our wedding special and guided us through every step. We would highly recommend her!

P.S. Jordan says he would have been lost without you! :)”

“We are so grateful for the time and patience Rev Stäna gave us in the preparation of our marriage ceremony.  We especially appreciate the way she blended different traditions of faith with a respectful and creative flow that honored our personal beliefs as well as those of our parents.  I cannot imagine how our wedding could have been more unique or more memorable!”

Stana performed a really beautiful ceremony for us. It was more than we had anticipated. When I posted the video of the ceremony on my Facebook site, I had friends from 3000 miles away telling me it was so beautiful that they cried watching it”. She also went above and beyond the call of duty, meeting with us several times, emails back and forth, etc. to make sure the ceremony would be performed just the way we both wanted. Although we had both been married before, we agreed this was the most beautiful ceremony we ever had. Her rates were very reasonable considering all the work she put into this for us. Would recommend her to others wanted a ceremony to remember.

We were looking for an officiant that would respect our wishes for a spiritual yet non-religious ceremony. After meeting Stana for the first time we realized we were embarking on a journey of so much more! Stana was able to help us shape a ceremony that reflected our deep commitment to each other, as well as provide us with the integral components of what would become, to us, a perfect ceremony. We knew we were looking for more than just a set of simple vows and an exchanging of rings. Stana led to into new ideas such as a handfasting ritual, that spoke to us in a way that we were not expecting, but by spending the time to get to know us as people, Stana was able to know what ideas for the ceremony were right for us.

We had a very small wedding, and Stana fit right in with our quirky families! She was excellent at guiding the wedding party in the roles they played in the ceremony, and ensuring that both of us were calm and focused, prior to and during the wedding. We feel like our entire wedding went perfectly. But even though the clothes, the food, and the setting, were idyllic, the manner in which you choose to join two lives together in love is so much more meaningful to all involved when your officiant is such a key figure in the love that is shared on that day. This is our lasting impression of our wedding, an amazing day that it hard to imagine going so smoothly or being as emotional to us and our guests, had Stana not helped shape the actions and words of the ceremony with the love we felt in our hearts.